30 Ways to be an Extraordinary Human

30 Ways to be an Extraordinary Human

We all want to be better versions of ourselves. That's why we have a $10 billion self help industry. Here's a few ways to work on being the most extraordinary human you can uniquely be. Have some better ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Be a great listener (listen as much as you talk...maybe even more). 

2. Try to learn something from every person you meet. 

3. Accept compliments and make a habit of giving them to other people. 

4. Find at least one creative hobby and stick with it till you get good. 

5. Practice forgiveness and let grudges go. 

6. Surprise people with random acts of kindness

7. Stop gossiping and walk away from situations where others are gossiping. 

8. Be encouraging. 

9. Read one great book a month. 

10. Say (or write down) five things you are grateful for each day. 

11. Work on shutting down the negative self talk. Call yourself out for it and remind yourself to be kinder. 

12. Show up to things on time. 

13. Accept constructive criticism but ignore malicious attacks. 

14. Do something that makes you nervous, so you have the chance to be courageous. 

15. Meditate daily

16. Set monthly and annual goals for yourself. 

17. Don't discriminate. Give everyone equal treatment. 

18. Choose one thing a week to organize it and get it to a place you're proud of. 

19. Be gentle with yourself and others. 

20. Find a mentor that you trust and will give you honest advice. 

21. Be humble. 

22. Stop and pay attention to small things. Savor and appreciate them. 

23. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. 

24. Stand up for yourself, even when it's hard. 

25. Volunteer your time or money for a cause you care about. 

26. Try something new each week (or each day). 

27. Be kind whenever possible (hint: it's always possible). 

28. Give your parents a call and ask them about their week. 

29. Be dependable. Show up when you say you'll show up. 

30. Always assume the best about others. Give them the benefit of the doubt. 


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30 Ways to be an Extraordinary Human. Lots of ways to be the best version of you!